WoWscape Private Server


WoWscape Private Server
ONLY REAL 2.4.x SERVER!! :: 1000mbit Connection :: 8000 User Cap :: Lag-Free :: Friendly GMs :: Discussion Boards :: Constant Uptime :: PVP :: Dedicated Servers :: Events :: 4 Servers (Funserver/Blizzlike/Blizz High-Rate/Instant 60) :: Peaks of 12k

LinkWoWscape Private Server

WoWscape Private Server Information:
WoWscape is a World of Warcraft private server community dedicated to bringing you the best! WoWscape was established in August of 2006 and is owned by Peyton. We have great pride in our server, and have constant server uptime guaranteed (exculding maintenance, and planned restarts).

We currently only run 4 servers dubbed “WoWscape”, “WoWlegion”, “WoWcrack”, and “WoWstorm”. WoWscape (Funserver), WoWlegion (Blizzlike), WoWcrack (High-Rate Blizzlike), and WoWstorm (Instant 60) are the latest Burning Crusade Servers. The maximum player cap for each server is 8,000+ players. These servers has been extremely customized and tweaked to meet our needs. Even with 8,000+ players online expect the server to have a green ping and no lag.

Patch Support: Burning Crusade 2.4.x (WE ARE THE ONLY SERVER WITH VERSION 2.4.x WORKING ALMOST FULLY!)

Have fun and enjoy our servers, website, and forums.

WoWscape Management


109726 0.21% fantasy
105089 0.20% duty
104631 0.20% guild
101875 0.20% and
100138 0.19% xtremetop100
100034 0.19% aimbot
98267 0.19% skins
97697 0.19% final
91968 0.18% maps
89667 0.17% conquer
87459 0.17% css
82552 0.16% star
80221 0.16% starcraft
78651 0.15% command
78065 0.15% pvp
77101 0.15% funserver
76136 0.15% clothes
74704 0.14% sites
72983 0.14% exp
72259 0.14% emulator
72067 0.14% burning
67442 0.13% own
65622 0.13% lod
63838 0.12% crusade
63325 0.12% instant
62489 0.12% bots
62267 0.12% make
60840 0.12% galaxies
60510 0.12% rpg
59720 0.12% items
58306 0.11% sever
58109 0.11% mods
57629 0.11% new
56781 0.11% map
56253 0.11% bot
55728 0.11% psp
55358 0.11% emu
54257 0.11% create
53206 0.10% zero
52908 0.10% version
52845 0.10% your
52810 0.10% rates
51721 0.10% sims2
51613 0.10% sexy
51321 0.10% fast
50706 0.10% adult
50428 0.10% clan
50121 0.10% patch
49172 0.10% lvl
47500 0.09% objects

32 Responses to WoWscape Private Server

  1. Derek says:

    Has 2.4.x support, yes. Does it work, ummmmm…… well…… kinda….. maybe…. not really. Since the update constant lockups, dc’s, lag makes raiding nigh impossible, mana drinks don’t work, etc etc. Given they have an awesome programmer that keeps working on fixing stuff but this definitely isn’t the best server out there right now.

  2. crimson!! says:

    wowscape is so bad. it is the worst server i have ever seen,

  3. untoldpain says:

    crimson u just a noob who is from CrimsonWoW right? nub WoWscape is the best out their

  4. Mr.G says:

    WoWScape is not the best private wow server :) Why ? :D If u have acc there and if u play when there is 6k ppl u will know why :) ‘These servers has been extremely customized and tweaked to meet our needs. Even with 8,000+ players online expect the server to have a green ping and no lag.’ Yeah right…go there on 6k ppl…buy some items on AH and wait for 40 min to recive mail or more. When u loging on server, 4 min getting char list, 4 min after world loads to enter. Doing some blsm there for 40 min…reloged and in same place where was at first login (UC), blsm skill on old value, gold on ‘new’ value, etc etc…40 min to save my char ? This is for u ‘the best private wow server’ ? bcoz of what ? 6k ppl on it ? i’m there from 600 ppl…when 2k was max…and then it was good…now ? Crap, Total crap…

  5. Manahigh says:

    WoWscape is the best server I have come across. You level faster, there are portals in all the capital cities, and it DOESN’T take 40 minutes to load everything. A few seconds, more like. Don’t listen to the people who actually HAVEN’T played on this server. But, it does not of yet support the new patch released on the 10th of July 2008, 2.4.3. This is a bit tricky as when you open up WoW it automatically installs it as an update. Then when you go to login, it doesn’t work. Don’t worry, your account is still there. I logged in on another computer that didn’t have the new patch installed, and it worked fine. My characters were still there, and there was also a lot of people online. Trying to disable this patch on the site will not work, because it doesn’t accept your account details, like when you try to login the actual game. I hope to dear God that they hurry up and support the new patch, because as of yet, I haven’t found a way to remove it. :S

  6. Crosstantine says:

    Manahigh, actually when you install the update this will change your, so you need to change it back to the wowscape server… I played all weekend with the new patch installed, although not all the new features are working atm.

    I played sometime with mangos, and I think this server is better, in wowspace you have a lot of ppl to raid with… what is the idea of an online game if you cann’t get a party?… yes… It’ve some bugs… but, I prefer to find party and play something than have a nice raid instances or quests, but nobody to play with.

  7. World of Toxic wow says:

    Wowscape is crap!!! Not crap if u play offhrs and disable nagling
    i get under 200 all the time even in peak after disabling nagling and im in NZ
    And no im not from Toxic WOw

  8. lolz says:

    Wowscape rules. its a tad laggy at points, but most of it has been fixed. what i like is that there is a way for you to disable and enable tbc.

  9. Angy One says:

    I must say that this is one of the worst servers i have ever encounterd – and im not speaking about bugs or lags but about peoples, it is “PvP server” – that mean you will get ganged from very beggining (easy leveling is like magnetic fild for every noob and frustrated as..ole which enter ‘global net’) – since leveling to 70 takes ~6h and t3 items are sold by a vendor – town guards provide any protection (if of course they try(lots of npc – arnt scripted – so they literally do nothing)), bugs allow to attack peoples which arent in PvP even in northshire, lots of peoples buy donor stuff – and gang another players just for fun (what you can gain from killing someone 30-60 lev’ls lower) sometimes you die without reason (usualy get insane amount of fall damage) – and whot is best is what happens after death – lots of cementarys arent don yet – so you can sightsee all fo azeroth while trying to go into instance (if cementary is in azeroth – in outlands there are fev cementarys in twisting nether teritories:p not easy to get out i must say ) – in adiction to all of that server is extreemly unbalanced… i can say many other things but you will notice them once you are in – so in one short sentence: “you have been warned”

  10. jj says:

    I play on wowscape (wowlegion) some time. This server was injured horribly after fast update to patch 2.4. Too big lags, too many ppl moved in. Things are chaning people. Bosses in instances are finaly scripted and few are scripted almost like on offic. But still – there are lot’s of bugs for every class – but from my sight – it’s balanced between classes.
    Playing on wowscape is quite different from offic. It’s much simplier. Bosses are not enraged after few minutes. Most annoying things are DC’s – they are unpredictable and they’re sadly there. Most of game mechanics u have to learn from beggining, because lots of things work a bit different. If u are satisfied with random DC, this is maybe the best free private server. (ONLY FEW ppl use donor gear – donor gear is not better than that u can earn for yourself)

  11. Phillman says:

    In my opinion WoWscape is by far the best server. Why? Because you dont turn into some kind of loner that walks around on their own killing random monsters. In almost every other server ive been on it is almost impossible to get in raids like Hyjal because there are only about 600 people on (mostly in Black Temple). WoWscape lets you easily get into raids because of the amount of EXPERIENCED players on all the WoWscape servers. And i mean who wants big citites like Stormwind to be empty? And for godsake if theres lag when your playing its cause of your 1KBps dial up.

  12. overofwow says:

    I currently play wowscape funserver, and to be honest, it suks.
    The constant LAG (and don’t tell me it dont lag), as well as the constant disconnects, it is annoying to say the least. Of course, they promote it as lag free and all, cause if they were truthful, noone would go there.
    Then of course, you got the DONORS running around overpowered by far, ruining the experience.
    But hey, as long as Peyton can make his cash of the dopes, who cares right.
    Anyway, unless you are willing to sink like $400 real cassh to equip a DONOR to survive, I recommend you do NOT play wowscape at all. It really is a bitch of a server.
    Peyton is ther eto make money from the dope donors, and there are allot of them. Not to mention the hackers and god damn russians who are the queens of hacking.

  13. Terrell says:

    Lol Wowscape lag free? This made me spit out my juice! This server used to be better before patch 2.42. Everyone just started to move in and now 6k people online its too laggy. Its been like this for 3 months and its so annnoying and terrible. Its pissing me off. WoWscape is a terrible server right now and the owner is not fixing its realms so please save yourself sometime and go on another server because this server is just plain garbage.

  14. Kaos says:

    Fair…definitely not

    Ive been playing there for 2 weeks to give it a fair try, and if oyu are not a donator then forget it.
    Mages run around with 12k health and the sort of gear that makes a rogue only able to hit them for 300 even when the rogue is decked out in blues. ‘not even to mention the warrior/shamen/paladin classes which are mega overpowered in the first place.

    These servers are severely unbalanced buggy as hell…lock ups and lag are not the occasional thing, they are the norm. they say that they are 4.2.x well that’s crap less than half the quests work, there are numerous skills that are completely bugged, and form reading their forums have been for months.

    So many major skills are broken and are openly abused by the majority of players.

    Getting 2 hot on these servers even as a lvl 70 protection paladin is the norm on wowscape. The donators are numerous and tbh imo there is absolutely zero point on playing on wowscape unless you are willing/able to donate at least $100 dollars for gear. That is the ONLY way in which you will be able to pvp effectively. yeah there are always (L33t) people who will say otherwise but as a rule these are the other people on the servers that abuse the bugs.

    Gms will kick and ban you swearing in any channel, and god forbid if you actually say lfg anywhere. The past few days has seen abunch of new GMs come on who so far have only been interested in what has been going on in chat. Tickets I have put in on the first day I joined the server for a bugged character have so far after 12 days remained unanswered or even acknowledged.

    Anyway my advice

    ALL THESE SERVERS WANT IS YOUR CASH….oh btw if you do donated be prepared to wait at least 2 weeks to recieve anything…the donation/suppport forums are full of people who have been waiting weeks for stuff they donated for.

  15. liran says:

    need this server

  16. checkyoself says:

    Wowscape huh..

    let me tell you this. The hardware they use is crap. The gms they have are crap. Peyton the owner of wowscape is making 225K per month in donations. Yet they only have 1 programmer (burlex) and no updates or hardware changes. They wont even update to WOTLK for fear of losing donation money for the l33t wepons they sell. Not to mention the fact that you have to wait an average fo 43 days to recieve your items you donated for. Why is that u say> because 95% of their GM staff has quit. Now everyone says wow its a great server when u play off hours— well I play off hours and the lag is almost tolerable but then im the only english speaking person and therefore i have had to learn russian just to be able to tell which raid people are doing. LOl fuk wowscape. fuk peyton shes a greedy b1tch. Maybe theres a decent private server for us to play on but wowscape is no longer the one.

  17. playedonwowscape says:

    I’ve played on wowscape for about a week now. I have one character a level 36 on the Wowlegion ( blizzlike with x4 exp rate) server. I was interested in because of a huge population, and it seemed well supported. I can’t say much about the other servers they have, but wowlegion is buggy and broken in many places, many bugged quests and mobs for one. Naturally, you expect to come across bugs and issues on private servers, but if you are wanting a blizzlike experience, I personally found the number of bugs frustrating. Things which you’d expected would have been fixed are not fixed. Example – guards don’t work. You can be standing right next to a booty bay goblin guard while a level 70 one shots you. because of the lazy guards and the flow of lowbies coming through, BB is basically a ganker’s wetdream.

    One positive aspect is the stability, I found the server very stable, although each time I got off a boat, it told me I was “speed hacking” and disconnected me. Other then that I could play for hours without a crash or dc.

    Wowlegion has a large Russian population and people from other countries like Serbia and Hungary too, of course there is nothing wrong with that, I found all of them to be very nice and helpful, even though most of the ones I grouped couldn’t speak english. Dw, if you speak english there are heaps of english-speaking people. The population is very large and the cities always feel busy, so finding groups isn’t an issue. Basically if you want a blizzlike experience but with higher exp and don’t mind coming across some issues with the quests, you’ll probably feel right at home here.

    Personally…I am most likely going to look elsewhere for a less buggy private server, they do exist. avenant wow for one. one of the least buggy servers i’ve come across so far, despite its really low population. For me the exp rate was a tad too high, being some one who actually enjoys the “grind” End-game is tedious for me. Overall this server is OK but I am disappointed at how buggy it is for such a huge, popular server especially when they are far less buggy ones out there.

  18. biffbaff says:

    The lag is horrible on wowscape, its one of the worst server lags i have seen on private servers. If they would fix the lag, it would be a great server but the current situation is just unplayable. Server is really bad.

  19. Smoot says:

    Wowscape didnt seem too laggy but i think the thing that sent me back to blizzard was the donor gear its just throws the game outta balance

  20. quilly says:

    Wowscape is an alright server, and you definitely have to play off hours which is around 3pm-3am PST. The server barely lags during those times.

    Good Population
    Easy Grind
    Can find a group to almost any raid

    Lag during busy hours
    Horrible staff

  21. Killit says:

    Horrible server. Insane number of bugs, the majority of the server consists of russian, and pinoy hackers, end-game raids are dull and unscripted, with bosses doing only melee or spamming the same 2 spells.

    If you enjoy low-quality servers with high populations, a large majority of non-english speakers, and the freedom to abuse exploits, hack without fear of being caught, and tremendous lag this server is for YOU!

  22. qwert says:

    i play on wowscape for about two months and all i can say in one word is that it SUCKS hard, specially the “Fun” server all due to unbeatable donors (most of them are noobs) who molest other players, spoil the bg and arena fun, and they can reach 45-50k of HP and being that OP they gank lowlvls all over azeroth.

    -lag is too shity;

    – there is too many psycopaths, jerks etc;

    -staff is almost useless (i waited for about 15 days to get answer from gm);

    – too many bugs (while doing quests u can get killed by a mob that is 10 or 15 lvls lower thn u);

    – too many russians speaking russian on general chat;

    overall i am heading back to blizz

  23. qwert says:

    and one more thing i got my first warglaive of azzinoth 10 day ago maybe (its not big deal cause on FUN server 80% of warriors and rogues have twinblade) but i finally got it i went outside and came back home after few hours i couldnt find my sword, i checked in the bag, in the bank, checked it again. my sword was gone!! i was stuned when in one moment i noticed that i got mail. i checked it and it said:

    “hahhahahahaha …. u r noob fucker…. i stole ur sword … dont cry….sucker …”

    sender was unkown
    so i got hacked and i just didnt give a fuck i immediatly paid my acc and continued playing blizz

  24. Mic says:

    I played for some months on battlescape- lagg is just too big, number of bugs was hilarious, etc etc, funny thing it was pretty good when i joined and it was getting worse in time while they were implementing new things. Anyway its nearly unplayable and loads of ppls mooved from scape.

  25. Xterminator says:

    well its true about the lags and bugs and glitches and donors… but i just dont know any better private server to play on. if anyone knows can u suggest to me? my email id is

  26. monky says:

    dont lissen to the people that say that wowcrack sucks because its laggy only people who have slow computers have it laggy

  27. carl says:

    who do you buy stuff for the funsever for my guy too buy weonps and armor

  28. miao says:

    Summary: wowscape? if you have money, play on the Official.

    i’ve been on that server for almost 1 year, and the experience is getting worse for several reasons:

    1.) lag (i have broadband connection). with average 4K – 5k players online; though they did a recent update to the server to ease the lag a bit — i don’t find much change.

    2.) bugs. with tons of bugs and yet the programmer(s) seems to be too lazy to fix them – considering the amount of money they get from donations, this sucks big time. toxic-wow, a goner, was used to be the best server because they did fix bugs.

    3.) donors. they ruin the whole game. considering a whole gang of donors (10-20+), each with 20K – 40K HP, raiding stormwind or orgrimmar with one-shot kills. and if you ‘donor-bash’ (saying or doing any bad things to donors), you’ll get kicked or banned from server. this is by far the most annoying aspect of this server. for this alone, i definitely hope blizzard can shut this server down for good. stop sucking money from people. a complete donor gear set can cost $300+ USD. this is unbelievably greedy.

    4.) gm. they can be cruel kicking / banning / muting players without just reasons, as some people would say.

    5.) player quality. it seems many kids are playing there. also being multicultural, you’ll meet many people speaking languages other than English. and GMs do kick / mute people because of speaking foreign languages in general / public channel. this is not particularly annoying, but sometimes does.

    6.) super-unbalanced horde outnumbering alliance. if you play ally, you’ll almost always get killed in sunwell and other places.

    but the good? it’s way easier to level on that server, so you can probably try lots of stuff not able to do on the retail servers (so easy to get legendary items); but i may switch to the retail soon, or just wait for Diablo 3 or Guildwars 2 :p

  29. Zodzilla says:

    WoWscape Rocks really good server :)

  30. sexy bumox says:

    what happened to wowscape server ? i am not able to go there ? maybe i should watch some sexy chicks;)

  31. hellchrist says:

    been around the freeserver curciut many times. some really good relms at top100 but wowscape was the worst. if ur gunna use a fucking repack, at least make sure its one that works decent. or goto Arcemu website and figure out how to build one properly.

  32. cgcjag says:

    i have a donor account at scape….hat maio says is correct.
    i love to gank low lvl horde characters. thats why i paid $300 for my character. i cant play without donor items..i get killed alot.
    other than the bad gms..the constant lag…..thousands of bugs wowscape is great

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