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[CS1.6] TAB Hack v3.0

February 14, 2009

Download TAB Hack v3.0

-> CounterStrike 1.6
-> CounterStrike Condition Zero
-> HalfLife
-> HalfLife Mod
-> All offline Versions

-> Far View
-> XQZ Wallhack
-> Wiremodels
-> Lambert
-> All bind on key TAB

[How to]
-> Start a game & than TAB.exe *OR* start TAB.exe & than a game
-> Ingame hold (showscore) key

[Knowing Bugs]
-> World collides with wire (simple press tab again)

Download TAB Hack v3.0


[CoD4] selfHOOK 0.92

February 12, 2009

Download selfHOOK 0.92


-Aimbot Fov
-Human Aimbot
-Aim Tag
-Norecoil Alternativ
-Aim List * you can selected who be aimed to
-Aim prediction

– Name
– Distance
– Class
– State
– Only enemy
– Thought Wall

-Color mode Texture/shader

-Enemy Wallhack
-Enemy Colored Model
-Enemy Cham’s Color

-Friend Wallhack
-Friend Colored Model
-Friend Cham’s Color

-Crosshair Name
-Warning System
-Kill Stats *bug
-3D Radar *bug
-Zoom hack *aka. cg_fov
-Disabled DrawFX *aka. r_fullbright

-Kill Sounds
-Kill to Screen

-Consol Spammer Frags
-Consol Spammer Winamp *not working
-Instant level 55 *DON’T USED*

-Load,Save your settings.

-PBSS PROOF (return clearn_screen :P

-1. run selfHOOK.exe
-2. run iw3mp.exe
-3. connect to the cod4 server
-4. press delete to MENU :P

-if u have xFire ingame, the aimbot isn’t work.
-lot’s of bug :P

Download selfHOOK 0.92


[CoD4] Wieter20’sHook V1.0

February 12, 2009
Download Wieter20'sHook V1.0

Distance esp
Name esp
Class esp
-Regualar Aimbot
to come:
Aimbot Heigth, adjusting with flags(Need help with that, help is aprieciated^^)
No Recoil
No Flash
4x Chams
Multiple Menus(3, 1. Highlight, 2 Checkmenu, 3 ButtonMenu)
Save your Hack(Saved at C:\Cod4D3DDxtPub)
Load your hack(Same location -__-)

NUMPAD1 is stealname!!

Download Wieter20'sHook V1.0


[WoW] NoAddiction v1.3

February 12, 2009

Download NoAddiction v1.3

###NoAddiction Hack###

*Fatal Error and bugs:
Just create a new topic about it if none exists yet
-> Explain your current action (before the crash or bug occurs)
-> Post the error message

*WoW closes while starting NoAddiction:
Make sure you’ve the latest DirectX run-times installed!
Try to download and install:

*Check out our forum to stay up to date!
*Only use NA; any other 3rd party program can greatly decrease the security
*Tell nobody about you, using NA
*Don’t use it too obvious and don’t show features to other persons

*Error messages:
– 1 = Wrong WoW Path
-> Check the config file and enter your correct WoW path or use the registry
– 2 = Memory Error
-> Be sure you’re running the hack as administrator and that no antivirus software blocks it
– 6 = Missing config file

-Don’t move while activating or you’ll disconnect
-If you become feared, there’ll be a bug with showing you instant moving instead of normal movement
-Using gryphons/wyverns for travelling will teleport you instantly to your target, but you still need to wait the “normal” time

-Using the SPACE-key will abort the fly-mode!

-You’ll need to stand on ground while activating and try to avoid jumping, else you won’t be able to control your character anymore

Download NoAddiction v1.3


[Warrock] Zackth14 D3D

February 12, 2009

Download Zackth14 D3D

Features? -> Screenshot

Download Zackth14 D3D


[CS1.6] Inspirate

February 12, 2009

Download Inspirate


– Playerglow
– Zoom
– NoFlash
– NoSmoke / NoSky
– Lambert
– Whitewalls
– Wireframe
– Crosshair
– Speedhack
– Speedkey


How to use:

– Start the Loader
– Start hl.exe
– Connect to a Server
– Press INSERT to open menu

Download Inspirate



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